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Thank you for visiting the official website for the community of Loring Alaska on Naha Bay
In southern Southeast Alaska

W elcome to Loring Alaska on Naha Bay
Once the historical location of a summer fish camp. A mixed Clan called the Neix.adi-Eagle Clan made up of Tlingits & Coast Tsimshian Eagles with possible Athabascans(Franz Boas); thrived off the land in Naha Bay, Western Behm Canal.
The townsite of Loring was established in 1885 when a salmon saltery operation began.
Loring was once larger than Ketchikan. When gold was discovered up north; Loring was a bit out of the way as a stop over for the steam ships loaded with gold prospectors. Ketchikan became the convenient stopover and Loring faded into the regions history books.
Today Loring is a small community of locals who call Naha Bay home all year round.

First Alaskans Memorial Park
We are envisioning a small public beachfront park amidst wild alaska flowers where visitors can stroll through and take in the scenery and history of our community. We envision a totem dedicated to Alaskas indigenous peoples. Carvers interested in being a part of this project are encouraged to contact us.

Loring Alaska officially joined the world wide web in the year 2000.


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